JUUL Fruit Medley

by JUUL Labs

$12.99 $29.99

Are you looking for a sweet, fruity explosion in your mouth, without the mess? 

A relaxing vape without the kick?

If you raised your hand or aggressively moved your mouse to either question, Fruit Medley may be what your lungs and taste buds crave.


Each pack contains - Four delicious pods

Pod contents - 0.7ML, 5% nicotine by weight

One Pod - One pack of cigarettes

Number of puffs/pod - 200

About Fruit Medley Flavor JUUL pods:

Fruit Medley is JUUL's name for a fruit- and berry-based (fruit) flavor. If you're looking for a refreshing alternative to the regular tobacco/menthol flavors, give this one a try. With JUUL, you can always switch flavors according to the time of day or how you're feeling!

About JUULpods:

Refills for the JUUL's are known as JUUL Pods. They come in five flavor options and come four to a pack.