JUUL Cool Cucumber

by JUUL Labs

$12.99 $29.99

Have you ever walked into a fancy hotel and saw fresh cut cucumber floating in an elegant water cooler? 

JUUL Cool Cucumber tastes just like that, except better. 

Every inhale fills your lungs with sweet aromatic cucumber coupled with a hint of mint. 

Give it a shot if you're feeling fancy.


Each pack contains - Four delicious pods

Pod contents - 0.7ML, 5% nicotine by weight

One Pod - One pack of cigarettes

Number of puffs/pod - 200

About Cool Cucumber Flavor JUUL pods:

JUUL Cool Cucumber is a genuinely one-of-a kind flavor. Delivering the sort of refreshment that only cucumber can, Cool Cucumber is the perfect JUUL pod flavor for kicking back and relaxing in the sun! Subtly sweet and definitely revitalizing, JUUL Cool Cucumber is a fresh new taste for anyone looking for something a bit different.

About JUUL pods:

Refills for the JUUL Starter Kit are known as JUUL Pods. There are a range of JUUL Flavor options, and they come four to a pack; simply slot one into your JUUL Battery, and you're ready to vape!