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International and Domestic JUUL wholesale

VapesandPapes: Unbeatable Bulk Prices!


Vapesandpapes.com offers the most competitive pricing for Juul wholesale/Bulk purchases, perfect for your small business to make the best profit margins and for individual users to stock up for cheap! Vapesandpapes.com has all of your favorite flavors in stock: mango, cool mint, cucumber, crème brûlée, fruit medley and more. We supply retailers both domestically and internationally, offering prices as low as $12 a pack for bulk purchases. Take advantage of our currently running sales, as we are cutting prices on all products by up to 40%!

V&P's WholeSale/Bulk Deals


Juul is currently the leading product for quitting smoking, yet many potential buyers are deterred by the high store prices, with packs typically ranging from $25 to even $30. Vapesandpapes.com offers prices that drastically undercut the competition and our free domestic shipping leaves little incentive to order through other online vendors.


Vapesandpapes has a wide array of alternative products as well, such as Myle, Phix and EonSmoke pods, to give your business a wholistic selection and a variety of flavors. These alternative products are available at astonishingly cheap prices, having individual packs for sale for as little as $12. We have all sorts of vape accessories in stock, including starter kits, chargers and vape juice bottles. Vapesandpapes.com has an expansive inventory that has all of your favorite smoke shop items available at the click of your mouse.


We offer free shipping on all purchases within the United States, allowing our partnered vendors to restock quickly and efficiently. We are the number one source for Juul wholesale/bulk orders, and we are committed to consistently beating market price and enabling vendors to maximize their profits. Through Vapesandpapes.com you can order 96 packs for as little as $12 per! For inquiries about higher volume purchases, you can contact us at +1(929)313-8770, and our representatives will work to ensure your business never overpays for Juul products again!

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